Showcaller Tracking

Everything you need to know about Showcaller Tracking and a step-by-step guide to getting started.

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In this article we'll cover everything you need to now about our Show Caller Tracking feature, from both the perspective of a showcaller and that of your event crew following along with the action.


1. Confirm that your permission is set to "ShowCaller"

In order to be tracked, first confirm you have been given the permission of Show Caller.  If you have Admin permissions, you can adjust permissions on the crew page.

  1.   From the side nav, click "Crew"

  2.   Find your name & choose "ShowCaller" from the drop down list to give yourself Show Caller permissions

2. Track your first item

To start tracking, hover over any item row in a rundown and click the blue "Track " next to the item title.

3. Track another item

There are multiple ways to track items in Shoflo:

  • Use the Space Bar to advance the blue tracking bar. 

  • Hit Shift + Space to go backwards.  

  • Scroll to an item out of order and click the blue Track button that appears near the item title.

4. Stop Tracking Item

To stop broadcasting your location just go to the bottom of the page and click the red outlined horn 📣

Event Crew

1. Start tracking a showcaller 

Event crew can track the location of any showcaller. They simply select the name of the Show Caller they wish to track from the drop down list at the bottom left of your screen. This will automatically turn on Showcaller Tracking.  

2. Stop tracking a showcaller 

While tracking a showcaller at the bottom of the screen you should see ON toggled next to the showcaller's name. To stop tracking them just click the ON to toggle it off.   

Showcaller Tracking & Timing

Showcaller Tracking has a few timing features specific to it and you can read more about then in their dedicated articles.

Multiple Showcallers

Shoflo supports having multiple showcallers for the same event. The use cases for this are usually related to multiple locations, either breakout rooms, or satellite locations across the country or across the globe. All your showcallers can broadcast their locations at the same time and event crew can pick whichever is they need to follow.

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