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How to bulk-apply global & personal highlights
How to bulk-apply global & personal highlights

Learn all about how to apply highlights to 10 rows or 100!

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Many of our customers color code their elements by type (e.g. video elements are yellow, timeouts are red, etc) and we’ve made it easy to bulk-apply highlights to multiple elements at once. Here’s how:

Step 1. Select the rows you want to update the highlights for

You can do this by selecting a cell in the row and hitting the tilde (~) key, or click on the circle icon near the item number.

Step 2. Use keyboard shortcuts to apply the highlight colors

You can use the SHIFT + CMD + G shortcut to apply a global highlight, or the SHIFT + CMD + H shortcut to apply personal highlights. Alternatively, next to any select row you can click on the cog icon to apply the color there.

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