Moving Rows

This article covers all the different ways in which you can move rows around

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Note: You must have admin permissions or higher in order to re-order your rundown.
Elements, Items, rows,... Whatever you call them. This is how you can move them around within your rundown.

Selecting a row

There are two ways to select a row 1) by clicking the circle icon to the left of the row or by using the keyboard shortcut (') when you have a cell in that row currently selected.

Arrow buttons

The arrow buttons to the left of each row can be used to reorder them. Simply click the up or down arrow to move the row in that direction.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a powerful tool in Shoflo. They can speed up almost any process, including moving rows. The keyboard shortcut for moving rows are:

Copy & Paste

In order to copy and paste a row within your rundown you much first select it. Then copy the row with either the keyboard shortcut or the gears icon to the left of the row. Then paste the rows, again with either a keyboard shortcut or the gears icon to the left of the row.Β 

Note: When pasting rows, rows will be inserted below the selected row.

Bulk movements

Any of the above techniques can also be used when moving rows in bulk. You simply need to select each row you wish to move and then carry out your preferred method to move it.

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