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Reverse Auto-timing

How to use Reverse Auto-timing and what effects it can have on your rundown.

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What is Reverse Auto-timing

Reverse Auto-timing is the ability to set the start time for a particular element and have the start times for all preceding elements automatically adjusted so that they would end by the given time.

e.g. Kick Off is pushed back by 15 minutes but there are several pre-game elements preceding Kick Off, with Reverse Auto-timing those preceding elements are automatically changed when Kick Off is changed.

How to use Reverse Auto-timing

Previously, when you entered a manual start time for an element it would get marked with a flag. This was to identify it as manually overwritten and that the time was not being calculated based on the preceding element. All subsequent start times will instead be calculated off of this new manually set time.
We've now added the ability to manually overwrite an element and not just have the subsequent elements' start times calculated based on the new value but also have all preceding elements adjusted so that they end at by this manually set time. Automatically calculating new start times for all preceding elements. Thus, reverse auto-timing.

In order to mark an element as a trigger for reverse auto-timing you would use the new reverse flag icon. This identifies the element as one that causes preceding elements to be calculated off of.

In order to quickly see the flow of auto-timing we've also added arrows that appear when you hover over an elements start time

What happens when reverse auto-timing meets regular auto-timing?

Great question, in this scenario reverse-auto timing would win out. Meaning that the element with regular auto timing has the potential of ending up in a spot where it doesn't have enough time to fully elapse.

Can reverse auto-timing also be used independently in the Preset Time / Clock Time column?

Yes, you can also use the reverse flag to reverse the auto-timing flow in the Preset Time / Clock Time column.

Note: All automatic time flows, whether reverse or forward, will stop when they hit a flag time.

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