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Our Feature Highlight Video introducing Display View and helpful context about using the feature.

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What is Display View?

Display View is a special view inside of Shoflo designed to be viewed on a large format display, such as a backstage monitor or green room TV.  Display View is also designed as a passive, read-only view meant to be tied directly to a show caller in order to function properly.  Just like regular Show Caller tracking in a rundown, Display View will automatically update and scroll your rundown as the showcaller moves from one element to another. Because, Display View is linked to a showcaller, it can only be used if there is a Show Caller to follow along with. Users also cannot edit content in Display View it is meant strictly as a passive view.

What's the best way to setup Display View?

We highly recommend a couple of different things for Display View in order to have the best experience.

  1. Have a high resolution display dedicated solely to Display View.  Display View is designed to be viewed on large displays, and works best at 1080p or higher.

  2. Have a browser window with Display View opened up in that window.

  3. Have a user, separate from the Show Caller, open up the view on a display or computer that can be routed through to the display intended for use with Display View.

How do I turn on Display View?

You can enter Display View from inside a rundown by clicking on the eye icon at the top of the screen and selecting Display View. This will load up the initialization screen where you select what Show Caller this display will follow along with and what department/contributor column you would like displayed. Once those selections are made you would simply click the blue button at the bottom.

Note: both selections must be made in order to enter Display View
Note 2:  You can take this view full screen by clicking the full screen icon in the upper right of your view.  This will remove most of the browser's UI which leads to a cleaner view.

How do I exit Display View?

Similar to changing between other views, if you wished to move out of Display View just click on the eye icon at the top right and select a different view from the options listed. 

Display View Frequently Asked Questions

How does tracking work in Display View?
Tracking in Display View works largely the same as in a regular rundown view.  Once the Show Caller tracks a new row, Display View will update to display that newly tracked row, or, it will automatically scroll to the new row's position.  If a Show Caller tracks in to a different rundown, Display View will route you to this new rundown.  Display View also includes some new column lookup functionality and will try its best to pick the same contributor column if you track to a new rundown.  So if you have "PA Script" selected in GS Day 1, and the Show Caller tracks to a new row in GS Day 2, if there is a similar "PA Script" column that rundown, we will auto-select that column for you.

Why can't I enter edit mode in Display View?
Display View was designed to exclusively be a read-only view, meaning no editing can be done.

Why can't I see all my cell content in Display View?
We do two things to content in Display View. First, we truncate cell content to display a maximum of 3 lines.  Secondly, we display a max of four rows on the screen at any time, regardless of screen size.  We made this choices to ensure Display View always presents in a clean manner.

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