Getting Started as Event Crew

The most important info for crew to know on site

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Note: This is Video #2 of the Getting Started video series.

πŸ‘‹ Welcome!Β 

We're excited to have you using Shoflo for your upcoming event! Shoflo is designed and developed to be intuitive and easy to use but this article will inform and instruct you on a few key features that will ensure you have a successful show! Here is what this article goes over:

  • Signup

  • Custom Views

  • Private Notes

  • Printing

  • Tracking Showcaller

Sign up

When you get invited into a Shoflo event you should receive an email letting you know which event and dates of the event. If you do not already have a username & password in Shoflo, you will need to use the link at the bottom of the email to complete the signup.Β 

Customize your personal view

In Shoflo each user can hide and reorder columns to their preference. That means A1's can hide V1 notes, Lighting designer can hide MC notes, etc.Β 

Click the down arrow to the right of the column choosing to hide or reorder it.
​Learn more about this feature

Private Notes

Each user in Shoflo has a special column titled 'Private Notes' this column and content added to it are only seen by that user. Notes added are directly tied to items (rows) so if the order of the show are changed later your private notes will move with it!
You can choose to hide that column but cannot move it to another location.

No more transferring notes across multiple versions! 🍻


You can always quickly export for printing purposes or even a digital backup! The formats we export to are PDF, XLS, CSV, & Word.Β 

Just click the download icon in the top right and select 'advanced download' you will then be able to pick your format, column order, and page size.Β 

Track the Showcaller

In Shoflo a user with the permission of Show caller can show their current position in the cue sheet with the rest of the crew. To begin tracking this show caller, simply select the person from the drop down menu in the bottom left and click the 'off' to 'on'Β 

This will now scroll your screen automatically! You can still scroll a head or go back in the show but as soon as the show caller advances you will advance to that cue.
​Learn more about Show caller tracking

That covers most of the basics! If you have any questions just use the chat bubble in the bottom right or checkout our learn page! Feel free to send us any feedback!Β 

Have a great show! πŸ‘Š

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