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CSV Import in New Dash

How did CSV Import change and how to use the new modal

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Most new customers coming into Shoflo tend to have lots of old rundowns in Excel. For that reason we have a CSV Import tool which allows you to bring those old templates into Shoflo and hit the ground running with your already created content.

CSV File

Most old content will either be in the form of an Excel Sheet or a Google Sheet. Luckily both of these can easily be saved as a CSV file.Β 

Note: CSV files strip all color or formatting from the sheet so none of that can be imported.

Preparing your file for CSV

You must remove any merged cells from your sheet and convert your durations into a format compatible with our import tool (hh:mm:ss or mm:ss) making sure there aren't any blank durations. Additionally, (if you're in Google Sheets) we recommend you delete all the empty rows after your last row and also delete all of your empty columns. Lastly, there should only be one header row so if your sheet has any rows above the row which contains your column names, then either delete those rows or move them below it and make sure every column is labeled.

Using the Import Tool

The import tool can be accessed by clicking on the Create New button in your Event Dashboard. From that menu select "CSV Import" and then upload the CSV file you prepared.

Once the software has scanned your CSV file it will ask you which column contains your Item Titles (Row titles) and which column contains your durations. Once those two are selected it will automatically create columns for the rest.

Note: Only users with Admin permission or higher can create new files and import from CSV

Post Import Changes

Though most of the work is already done, there are a few things that can only be done after the import. Changing Item Numbers, adjusting the Preset times, Converting rows to Title rows, and applying any special formatting.

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