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Over / Under Timer

Learn all about our Over / Under timer and how to use it

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  • Estimated end of show time

  • Real time Over or Under clock indicating how far ahead or behind your show is

  • Over / Under times are stamped under the duration of each item after using show caller tracking.

When this timer is on, there will be an additional timer at the top of the Show labeled Over/Under. In addition, there will also be an estimated end time for that rundown displayed. This timer will keep track of the total over/under across all elements in a Show. Adding and subtracting against the originally set duration. So if you spend 25 seconds on an element that originally had a 30 second duration, then you would be under by 5 seconds.

Notice on the animation above that as soon as you spend more time on an element, than originally planned, the over/under timer will begin to countdown live as you go further over your time.

How to enable?

Only a user with showcaller permissions can enable or disable this feature on a per rundown basis. The showcaller is also the only user who can reset the timer. To turn it on simply navigate to the footer at the bottom of the rundown and flip the toggle.

How to reset?

Showcaller can click 'Reset' to remove all previous times and start over.

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