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How to get to your team's dashboard & what you can do from there.

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Getting to your Team Dashboard

Note: The functionality discussed in this article is only available to Team Admins.

The team dashboard is where you'll be able to see all of your team's Upcoming Events, Archived/Past Events, Global Elements, Template Library, and Team admins. This is the page that we recommend you bookmark and set as your homepage in Shoflo. You can get to your team dashboard by clicking on your team logo at the top right of the Dashboard OR by clicking the "Back" button from within an event.

Upcoming Events Tab

This is where you can view and manage your upcoming events.

Edit Event Details

Editing your event's Title, Location, Date, Owner, & Labels is possible in the Event settings modal. You can access these options by clicking the ellipsis to the right of the event and selecting "Edit event settings".

Duplicating an Event

You can duplicate an event using the same ellipsis menu used to access event settings. Duplicating an event will copy all of the content of an event into a new one. After selecting the duplicate option in the ellipsis menu, a modal will open which allows you to set the event settings for the newly created event.

Archiving an Event

The last option in an event's ellipsis menu is the option to archive an event. This option will send an event to the archived events tab and the event will go into read-only mode.

Archived Events tab

This tab is where all of your archived and past events will appear. All events are automatically archived 7-days after their end date.

Restoring Events

Just like in the Upcoming Events tab, the ellipsis menu contains all of the options available to modify archived events. If the event was manually archived, this menu will provide the option to restore your event. You cannot, however, restore events that were automatically archived. In this case, the option to duplicate the event will be available.

Deleting an event

Only archived events can be permanently deleted. After selecting the option to delete an event, you will be asked to confirm this action by typing the name of the event

Global Elements

Global Elements is another product in the Shoflo suite. Read more about global elements here.

Template Library

The template library is where your saved templates will appear. You can save any show, schedule, or list as a template using the ellipses menu next to the file from within the event. You can choose any saved templates to include when creating a new event.

Team Admins

This tab is where you'll add or remove Team Admins from the Account. Team Admins are your highest level permission in Shoflo and will have full access to all of your team's events and Team Settings. These users will also be automatically included in all events in your team account.

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