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Event Settings

How to Update event name, date, time format (12-hour & 24-hour), and time zone, location, logo, labels, and owner.

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The Event Settings modal is where you'll make changes to all event settings. Event Name, Event Start Date & End Date, Time Format, Time Zone, Location, Logo, Labels, and Owner. If you have the appropriate permissions over the Event you will see an ellipsis icon to the right of the Event's Title. Click that and select the Edit event settings option. From here you can modify all settings.

This same modal can be opened from within the Event Dashboard by clicking on the chevron to the right of The Event's name and selecting the Event Settings option.

Event Name

How the event will be referenced within Shoflo and on print outs.

Event Location

Event location will be used by the system to generate additional context and information when available. e.g. maps, weather, traffic, etc

Event Date

Your event's start and end date will not only influence the order in which it appears in your upcoming events but also govern when the Event is archived by the system. All archived Events automatically go into read-only mode in order to preserve its content. Keep these things in mind when choosing an event's end date.

Event Time Format

By default all events in Shoflo are set to a 12-hour clock. Whether it be for reasons of industry or region, some of our clients prefer to use a 24-hour clock. This can be accomplished by clicking the radio button next to 24-hour in the Time Format section of the Event Settings modal.

Event Time Zone

By default all events in Shoflo are in Eastern Time. You can change your event's time zone at the very bottom of the Event Settings pane. Use the drop down menu to select the timezone this Event will occur in. The Time of day clock at the top of your Show files will now be based off of this time zone.


Labels are used as colorful identifiers for your event. The color and name can be edited but they can represent things like their stage in the production cycle, the group that is organizing it, or even the type of event.

Event Branding

The Event logo is used in addition to the Event Name in most location in Shoflo. Additionally the Event logo can be included in your printouts for additional branding.Β 


Select a member of your team and assign them as the event owner so that all crew know who the point person is on this Event.

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