Locking Rows

How to lock rows to prevent editing.

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Locking rows in a cue sheet is an easy way to prevent any accidental changes or edits from being made to cells in the row you locked. In order to lock a row, you must have either Admin or Showcaller level permissions. To lock a row, click the lock just above the row item number on the left side of the screen on any rundown, schedule or list. To unlock the row, simply click the lock again.

Typically users with the permission of Admin, Showcaller, or Contributor are allowed to edit the department column cells. When a row is locked, no one is able to make any changes whatsoever and only other Admins or Showcallers are able to unlock the row. This effectively gives the Admins the ability to fine tune which cells their crew members with Contributor permissions can edit and makes sure no unwanted changes are made before the big event.

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