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What is a user in Shoflo?
What is a user in Shoflo?

An article explaining the difference between a user and a guest in Shoflo.

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A user is anyone invited into the event via email and assigned a permission. If the crew member needs to do any of the functions listed below then they must be a user:

  • They help build out the rundown or game script

  • They make contributions/notes to department columns

  • They create Shows, Schedules, or Lists.

  • They upload files to the event

  • They follow along with the showcaller

  • They need access to all show files and docs on the event

  • They modify event settings

  • They organize show content

  • ...

If you would like a deeper view of our User permissions you can read up on that here.

If a crew member needs none of the above functionality and only needs the ability to see the rundown, then they could be given a Guest Pass link. You can read more about that here.

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