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Add a Team Admin

Ideal for staff members and regular crew, adding a team member will give them full admin access to your team settings and events.

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Adding a Team Admin is ideal for senior staff members or leaders of your production team. The Team Admin role allows a user to create and manage events for your organization / Team. 

By default, they have ADMIN permission on all events, but have the ability to change their event permission level at any time and edit any event or rundown owned by that team. Therefore,  regular event crew should not be invited as Team Admins to your team.

To add a team member:
Note: You must be a Team Admin in order to add other Team Admins

  1. From your Team Dashboard, click the Teams admins tab

  2. Now click the Invite Admins button

  3. Enter the new Team Admin email then press the Enter key to queue the invite

  4. Repeat for all other Team Admins you wish to add

  5. Lastly, press the Send button to send out invite email to all queued emails

The invited users will then be notified via email.

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