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Invite a user to an event
Invite a user to an event

Quick instructions on how to invite event crew(s) into your event

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Shoflo becomes very powerful when you are collaborating with your fellow team members and / or greater event team. Any Crew member with Admin permission or higher can invite additional crew members into the event. Event crew has access to all content within an event.

  1. Go to the Event you wish to invite crew into

  2. Click on the Crew tab of that Event's dashboard.

  3. Now Click on the Invite Crew button

  4. Type the email of the crew member and either select them from the drop down or hit the enter key.

  5. Once you've queued up all the crew members, select the permission you wish to give them from the drop down above

  6. Click the send button

Note:You can invite multiple emails at once but they will all get the permission level selected in the dialogue

Managing Crew

You can add, remove, and adjust the permissions of your crew at any time from the Crew tab of your Event Dashboard.Β 

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