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How to set your event's Time Zone and 12 or 24-hour clock

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Setting your event’s time zone and format is pretty easy in Shoflo.  Note that this is an event wide setting and will affect all rundowns in your event, all users, and all exports. Setting your time format to 24h will affect the appearance and display of start time’s in your rundown and in your export!

Note: editing event settings is only available for admin’s and show callers.

To change your event’s (and all rundowns in that event) time zone and format:

  1. Navigate to your dashboard.

  2. Click on the ellipsis icon at the far right fo the Event's name, then click Event Settings. 

  3. From here, there are options to change your event’s time zone to either your local time zone or the time zone that the event will be held in. You can also change your event’s time format to either 12h or 24h.

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