Active User Management

Learn how to view all the active users on your account and the process to add and remove users from your events.

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As a team admin, you can access a global list of all the active users across all current events on your account. This is helpful considering your license is based on an active user limit.

In Shoflo, there are two types of users, Team Admins and Event Crew.

  • Team admins will always count as an active user since they have access to every event.

  • Event Crew are the users invited into individual events.

Where to View your Active Users:

The Active Users tab on your Team dashboard will show you a total count of all active users. Note that when an event expires or is archived, users on that event will automatically be removed from your active users list unless they are also on another active event.

  1. Navigate to your team dashboard

  2. Click the tab called 'Active Users'

How to Add and Remove Active Users:

Team Admins

  1. Navigate to your team dashboard

  2. Click the tab called 'Team Admins' and click 'Remove' or 'Add Team Admins'

Event Crew

  1. Navigate to the 'Upcoming Events' tab on your Team Dashboard

  2. Select the event which the user is invited to

  3. Click the tab called 'Crew' and click 'Remove' or 'Invite Crew'

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