Labels are a great way to add visual identifiers and filters to your events. To add a label to an event, first navigate to your Team Dashboard by selecting your team from the left side nav. Then click “Add Label” on the event you want to add a label to. Shoflo has a few default options for labels, but you can make your own as well!

To create your own label, click the Labels tab above where your events are listed. First, name the label. Then you can select from standard color list or choose any color you like by inputting the corresponding hex value. Once you’ve found a combination you like, hit save and it will be available next time you go to add a label.

Once a label has been added you can use it as a quick visual reference or use it to filter event types. To filter by labels, select the dropdown arrow to the right of the “Labels” column header. Our users often use labels to filter their events by client, stage of production, date or event type but we built labels to be flexible, so use them however you want!

To learn more about Event Filtering click here.

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